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Bill Skarsgård Cast in Battlecreek? 
According to a casting call by Morgan Casting, a stand-in is needed for Bill Skarsgård who is playing the lead, Henry, in Battlecreek, an upcoming film directed by Alison Eastwood.  Based on a script by Anthea Anka, the project is set to shoot in Canton and Jackson, Mississippi from the end of October through mid-November. The casting details are as follows:
"Stand-in Needed for Bill Skarsgård, playing lead Henry, in BATTLECREEK. 6’3" (light eyes) Needed multiple days on the film. Shoots in Canton/Jackson, MS end of Oct to Mid Nov. Pay is $126/day. No housing or gas provided. Must work local. Email to name, height, weight, waist, inseam, jacket, neck, sleeve, phone number and current city to be considered. Title email with "your name" for Henry stand-in." 
Battlecreek will be the second film directed by Eastwood who made her directorial debut with 2007’s Rails & Ties.  The synopsis for the movie describes it as:
"Battlecreek is the story of a gifted young painter with a rare skin disorder who lives in an economically depressed Southern American town. Due to his affliction, he must live his life at night. When a young woman being chased by her own demons stumbles into town, their blossoming romance compels him to challenge his provocative, overbearing mother and break free of the lies that have bound them together for years. Battlecreek is about reconciling the past and finding your future." Pro lists the movie in pre-production since 2011 and older reports about the casting indicate Hayden Christensen and Emily Browning were previously attached to the project.  Morgan Casting also announced today that stand-ins are needed for Claire Van Der Boom and Paula Malcomson who will be playing the roles of Alison and Tallulah in the film.
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